Do I have to apply for a TIE before the end of the year?

You don’t have to, but you might choose to.

If you have either the green credit card or the A4 Certificado de Registro (Registration Certificate) you don’t have to obtain the new biometric tarjeta de identidad de extranjero (TIE) card to prove your residency and rights to live in Spain after 31 December 2020. Both the certificate and credit card, AND the TIE card will perform the same function – to prove your resident status and rights in Spain.

At the moment no timescale has been announced for switching to the TIE card either. If you are choosing to minimise your interactions with others at the moment, you may get some comfort that you don’t have to act before the end of this year. The process for making a TIE application will not change either whether you decide to apply before or after the Brexit transition period ends.

The Spanish government does point out that, looking ahead, there are benefits to the TIE card compared to what it is replacing. The TIE card:

  • explicitly states that card holder is a beneficiary of the Withdrawal Agreement;
  • contains biometric elements and is more secure than the paper certificate;
  • will help facilitate administration procedures; and
  • will help the crossing of external borders.

The benefits are certainly worth bearing in mind. If you do choose to take action, Sun Lawyers will help you with the application process. Call 965 321 193 or email

Alternatively, you can progress directly by applying for an online appointment with the National Police in the first instance.


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