Don’t wait until you fall ill to correctly register for Spanish healthcare

If you are from the UK and are living in Spain, are you correctly registered for Spanish healthcare?

Spanish healthcareFor example, are you living in Spain, not working (retired), but not yet receiving a UK-state pension or benefit? You should not be using a UK-issued EHIC to access healthcare in Spain.

You will need to register for healthcare using the route that matches your circumstances, but these general principles will help guide you.


  1. Make sure that you are registered correctly. The UK Government has issued a detailed guide online, accessible at If you aren’t entitled to access Spanish state healthcare, other options are available.
    • Convenio Especial (The public health insurance scheme. You pay a monthly fee to join, which gives you access to the Spanish health system.)
    • Registering as a dependent
    • You may need to purchase private insurance
  2. Do not use a UK-registered EHIC card to register at a local health centre. If you are a Spanish resident you should not use the EHIC at all in Spain. It is for tourists to use when visiting other EU/EFTA countries.
  3. Because there are different ways to access healthcare depending on particular circumstances you need to find the right point of access for you. Don’t wait until you fall ill to find out you aren’t registered, or are registered, but incorrectly. Take the steps to register today.

You can visit the UK Gov website or Sun Lawyers can provide you with direct guidance. Contact us via email at

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