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10 mar: Sun Lawyers joins the Javea Connect Business Club

Many people who know the Northern Costa Blanca and Javea in particular may be familiar with the Facebook Group Javea Connect. It is the go-to online community for expats in that part of the world and has a following of over 17,000 people. Building on the Javea Connect Facebook community a website resource was create under the same name It is a news and information site that is very informative and up to date. It also includes a business…

Spanish currency exchange

16 feb: Currency transfers and the law now the UK has left the EU

Brexit, currency transfers and the law This article has been kindly supplied by Currencies Direct who have given permission for it to be reproduced on this website As we adjust to life post-Brexit there are many things to consider, but if you need to move money abroad there is one particular change that it is essential to be aware of. The free movement of services came to an end at the close of the transition period, with service providers instead…

Property on military land

20 jan: Purchases maybe held up for UK buyers if property is sited on military land

A Spanish law from the 1970s Franco-era that has impacted non-EU citizens is now affecting British property buyers following the transition period coming to an end on 31 December 2020. If a property is located on military land, military permission has to be applied for and granted for the transaction to proceed. While the law applies to all non-EU citizens, there was a hope that British buyers would receive either an exemption or a grace period. But it was confirmed…


08 jan: Arrivals from Spain into the UK will need to prove a negative Coronavirus test

For a couple of months international arrivals into Spain have needed to show a negative Coronavirus test less than 72 hours old. The new variant of the virus appears to have forced the hand of the UK government to do the same. The travel industry had been calling for this development for a long time as an alternative to quarantine. The type of acceptable test has not been specified.   It will mean that all travellers (bar exemptions listed below)…

Sun Lawyers taxi in Javea

06 jan: Taxi advertising campaign for Sun Lawyers in Javea

Taxis in javea Those who know Javea are aware it had distinct areas that are part of the town. The Arenal, port area and old town are just three. There are also other outlying urbanisations too. Travel by taxi is a convenient option especially in the evenings. That’s the backdrop to our decision to advertise Sun Lawyers on 14 taxis in the town. The campaign will help our profile in the town and across the Northern Costa Blanca as a…

Spanish healthcare

30 dec: Don’t wait until you fall ill to correctly register for Spanish healthcare

If you are from the UK and are living in Spain, are you correctly registered for Spanish healthcare? For example, are you living in Spain, not working (retired), but not yet receiving a UK-state pension or benefit? You should not be using a UK-issued EHIC to access healthcare in Spain. You will need to register for healthcare using the route that matches your circumstances, but these general principles will help guide you.   Make sure that you are registered correctly….

Property rental contract

11 nov: Why a property rental contract is important and what it should contain

Maybe you are the owner of a Spanish property, renting it out, or someone looking for a place to live as a tenant. It’s important that your interests are protected with a Rental Contract, especially since many of the existing Spanish tenancy laws have been updated. The contract should be clear, simple and ideally drawn up by a qualified lawyer. A Rental Contract will typically set out: Names of both parties Address of the rental property Term of the lease,…


21 okt: Do I have to apply for a TIE before the end of the year?

You don’t have to, but you might choose to. If you have either the green credit card or the A4 Certificado de Registro (Registration Certificate) you don’t have to obtain the new biometric tarjeta de identidad de extranjero (TIE) card to prove your residency and rights to live in Spain after 31 December 2020. Both the certificate and credit card, AND the TIE card will perform the same function – to prove your resident status and rights in Spain. At…

Sun Lawyers Client Testimonial

21 okt: New client testimonial

“We cannot thank Elena and the team at Sun Lawyers enough. From the moment we met Elena, she was professional, friendly and clearly had a huge knowledge of the buying process in Spain. This was our first purchase abroad (we are based in the UK), so for us, this was a big step we were taking and we didn’t have much of an idea of how the process worked in Spain. Elena was extremely helpful and prompt with any questions…